The most advanced, powerful and refined subwoofer ever created. SIXFIVE Series subwoofers are capable of handling an absurd 2200w RMS with an exceptionally flat frequency response making it an impressive SPL as well as an SQ subwoofer.
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Size Matters
VIV Subwoofers are engineered for high power handling through using a massive 7.5" dual layer voice coil. High power handling is created by magnet gap combined with the proper windings on the coil. The larger diameter allows for the correct amount of windings to be arranged into 2 layers rather than 4. This dual layer voice coil design allows for more efficient cooling and lower inductance than the competitions 4 layer designs. This all results in a subwoofer capable of handling extreme power with a flatter frequency response and more output. 
VIV subwoofers feature DVVC Direct Vent Voice Coil Cooling technology allowing a direct route for heat to evacuate the woofer. This rapid heat dissipation results in a subwoofer that remains cool while soaking up excessive power.  
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Built For Performance
Traditional subwoofer surrounds aren't capable of performing at the levels demanded by the SixFive Series. Memphis introduced a folded surround for increased excursion without sacrificing effective surface area to maximize the performance of the VIV1422.