Whether you're looking to integrate your factory radio or dial in your audio systems levels to achieve amazing sound, Memphis signal processors offer the functions you need to get the job done right.
VIV68DSP 6 to 8 Digital Sound Processor allows audio enthusiasts to optimize the performance of their audio system and works with virtually any audio system. This unit features an app based interface compatible with IOS/Android/Windows which allows you to effortlessly
adjust all aspects of your audio system to achieve flawless sound reproduction. 31 bands of parametric equalization per channel and 6 to 48db crossovers giving you an impressive array of adjustments to dial in your perfect sound. The unit is equipped with 6 input channels and
8 output channels and is capable of wireless audio streaming.
viv68dsp beaty low res.png
The LL6SA allows for a complete audio overhaul of your factory system while retaining your factory head unit.  Add multiple amplifiers, upgraded speakers and subwoofers to any vehicle and preserve your factory appearance. The LL6A is capable of decoding factory signals and the auto sum function works with complicated systems with built in crossovers to produce a high quality preamp out signal to build your system off of.