VIVREM - SixFive Series Wireless Level Control

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Take control of your SixFive Series amplifier with the VIVREM wireless bass knob.  This unique device eliminates the needs for hardwiring your level control to your amplifier leaving you with a clean attractive installation.  VIVREM is charged by USB MINI and holds a charge for aproximately 3000 hours.  The remote also comes with a pigtail to USB MINI cable which you can hardwire to your vehicle to avoid the need to charge the device.  This easy to mount device will control multiple SixFive Series amplifiers and is compatible with all MONO models and VIV900.5 amplifiers.  

  • 2.4GHZ Wireless bass knob
  • Includes USB-MINI charging cable
  • Includes USB-MINI to Pigtail hardwire cable
  • Includes mounting bracket
  • Charge while idle lasts approximately 3000 hours.
  • Charges to full in 4 hours
  • LED indicator light
  • Pairs directly to VIV amplifiers directly out of box
  • Compatible with all MONO models and VIV900.5


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