VIVE14S1 - Single 14" Loaded 1? Enclosure

VIVE14S1 - Single 14" Loaded 1? Enclosure



The VIV1422 14� subwoofer is unrivaled in terms of performance and technology. A perfect subwoofer deserves a perfect enclosure to maximize its potential. The new VIV enclosure is a side-ported box designed to the exact parameters of the subwoofer. The faux brushed aluminum front panel matches the finish on the all new VIV2200.1V2 which makes for an amazing pairing in terms of looks, performance and power handling.

  • Side port enclosure design
  • 2200 Watts RMS
  • Engineered to exact TS parameters of VIV1422
  • Carpeted exterior with VIV branding
  • VIV embroidery
  • Brushed finished front panel matches VIV amps
  • Loaded with VIV1422 Subwoofer


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