VIV200.2 - 200w 2-Channel

VIV200.2 - 200w 2-Channel



VIV SixFive Series amplifiers boast big power and acoustically accurate performance wrapped in a beautiful anodized brushed aluminum package.  The single sided wire terminals make running a clean install simple and adjusting the amp has never been easier thanks to the top mounted magnetic door covering the precision DSP control panel. SixFive Series amplifiers are built on a relatively compact chasis given their impressive powerhandling making locating a sutible mounting location simple. The VIV200.2 features high and low pass crossovers to give you band-pass options for tuning even the most intricate systems.

SKU: VIV2002
  • Digital Signal Processing with 24dB and 48dB crossover slopes
  • Angel hair anodized finish
  • 7 color selectable color changing LED panel
  • M-Equalization bass boost allows for both frequency and Q factor adjusment for precise tuning of your subwoofer system. 
  • Bass boost up to 18dB
  • DC/Signal sense/12V turn-on
  • High and lowpass crossovers for tuning intricate systems


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