PRXE12S2 - Single 12 2Ω Loaded Enclosure

PRXE12S2 - Single 12 2Ω Loaded Enclosure



Power Reference subwoofers are known for their exceptional sound and performance. Memphis has taken Power Reference to the next level with Power Reference enclosures.  These enclosures were engineered by our technicians at Memphis to the exact T/S parameters of Power Reference subwoofers to maximize their performance without the need to build a custom enclosure. We took time to wrap these enclosures in a two-tone carpet with custom stitching to make them look as great as they perform. Available in a range of sizes, PR loaded enclosures have everything that is needed to elevate your vehicles low end performance.

  • 100% MDF ported enclosure
  • Dado groove construction
  • Side-loaded port
  • Two-tone embroidered carpet
  • High current nickel plated compression terminals
  • 2Ω single 12" PR subwoofer
  • Perfect match for PRX300.1 Amplifier


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