MXA110SPD - 10" Xtreme Marine Nanoboxx Underseat Bass System

MXA110SPD - 10" Xtreme Marine Nanoboxx Underseat Bass System

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The success of the original Nanoboxx led us to produce an all weather version capable of withstanding the rigors of marine and powersports use.  The MXA110SPD Xtreme Nanoboxx is water and element resistant  and features a sealed panel to prevent damage to the controls.  The chassis is ultra-durable anodized aluminum which is rugged enough for rough terrain and is vibration tested to ensure the mounting hardware is up for whatever you throw at it.  The Xtreme Nanoboxx elevates any standard system to a rich full sounding experience courtesy of the on board 10" subwoofer and passive radiator which enhanced the bass output to larger than life levels. Bring your boat or side-by-side audio to life with this all in one simple powered bass solution.

  • Ultra-compact design
  • Oversized passive radiator cone
  • Black anodized extruded aluminum enclosure
  • Remote level control
  • Efficient class -D amplifier built into the unit
  • 0-12dB bass boost
  • Low pass and subsonic filter
  • Trail vibration tested for off-road use
  • Marine grade construction - resists elements & water
  • Recommended amp kit MXA8GKIT


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