MS57 - 5x7" Convertible Set

MS57 - 5x7" Convertible Set



MSeries speakers feature the same rich beautiful sound as before with even more versatility thanks to the new convertible design which allows for multiple mounting options. Most MSeries models feature the ability to remove the tweeter and mount it as either a component set up or coaxial set up. This multi-function design allows a single speaker to do it all! If you're looking for accurate quality sound above all else, MSeries is the perfect fit.

  • Multi-mount tweeter
  • Convertible Design works as both component or coaxial
    (MS69, MS60, MS62, MS57, MS52)
  • Convertible design maintains ability for tweeter to swivel
  • Carbon fiber cone
  • External passive crossovers
  • MClip crossover mounting solution
  • Rubber surround
  • Component Design: MS60C
  • Coaxial Design: MS46, MS42


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