Our best selling line of subwoofers is back and better than ever.  The new black on black polypropylene dust cap steps up design element to a level never before in the line. Several performance enhancements including a high temperature TIL voice coil former, improved suspension and coil design and an upgraded reinforced spider shoulder elevate PR subwoofers to new heights. Audio enthusiasts respect Power Reference subwoofers for their reliability and performance and versatility.
Power Reference subwoofers are available in an array of sizes ranging from a powerful 15" subwoofer down to 8" and 6.5" varieties that are ideal for a range of installations.  The Power Reference line gives you the versatility to create a unique installation that fits your vehicle and listening style.
Check our the Power Reference product line courtesy of Crutfchfield.
Whether you need to protect your subwoofers from damage in the trunk or you're just looking to step up your style, Power Reference subwoofers have a complete line of custom grills to fit every size subwoofer. The honeycomb mesh is rugged and stylish for a truly unique look.