The best side-by-side roof audio solutions on the market. Our roofs are digitally designed and laser cut from lightweight aluminum for maximum durability and element resistance. 
B Series
The premier side-by-side audio solution from Memphis. Loaded with high-end MXA speakers with RGB LED lights. These tops keep the party going all night. Tops feature ultra-bright front and rear light bars as well as marine grade amplifiers loaded into the tops. All B-series tops are controlled by a MXABTRX controller complete with Bluetooth, AUX and USB connectivity options. 
FS Tops
FS tops are a great solution for anyone wanting to add big sound to their side-by-side. They feature Memphis Xtreme Audio MXA602SLB marine grade speakers with blue LED lighting along with an MXA1MC Gauge style media center capable of streaming Bluetooth, AM/FM, USB, AUX and more.