Memphis is built on a foundation of respect for music and passion for great audio. Our MClass line is a representation of the city that birthed rock and roll and served as an influence to all modern music.  MClass provides exceptional sound quality and reproduction that elevates your expectations of what great audio sounds like.  Turn up the dial and let MClass sound open your eyes to what quality audio and the heart and soul of Memphis is all about.
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122820 MS62 BEAUTY 005.jpg
Many MSeries speakers are built with a convertible design allowing you to unscrew the tweeter and mount it in either a component or a coaxial set up. This allows for more versatile mounting options to help you achieve better performance and sound quality in a greater number of vehicles. 
The elegant but functional carbon fiber cone provides exceptional rigidity minimizing flex and distortion.  These materials were hand picked to deliver the flawless sound that people expect from the MClass line.
Whether you live in a world of show vehicles rolling into the floor of SEMA flexing their audio muscle or an audiophile with a daily driver looking to enjoy the ride, MClass has your back and consistently delivers the audio experience you demand.