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Harley Davidson OEM Direct Fit replacement kits are the ultimate upgrade for 2014 + Street Glide and 2015 + Road Glide audio systems. High output marine grade speakers were engineered to fit perfectly and produce massive sound capable of being heard at highway speed and over engine noise. These speakers fit directly into the factory fairing locations and also fit in Tour Pak locations and are a serious audio upgrade compared to the factory systems. These speakers are powered by a compact yet powerful marine grade 300 watt amplifier. We’ve included a mounting bracket to securely mount the amplifier to your motorcycle with zero customization required. All wire harnesses are plug and play and flatten your factory radio levels meaning there is no need to flash your radio prior to installation. Upgrading your Harley has never been easier than with Memphis Harley Davidson Direct Fit OEM Kits.  


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6x9" Harley Davidson Direct Fit Bag Lid Audio System w/ RGB LED
Harley Davidson 4-Speaker Direct Fit OEM Kit W/ Amplifier, Mount & Harness
Harley Davidson 2-Speaker Direct Fit OEM Kit W/ Amplifier, Mount & Harness
Harley Davidson Direct Fit OEM Speakers w/ Grills
Harley Davidson Direct Fit OEM Amplifier Bracket & Wire Harness

high performance waterproof speakers

Memphis MXA62HD were designed from the ground up for use on Harley Davidson motorcycles. These speaker feature a profile slim enough to fit into Harley factory locations. This was achieved by using neodynium magnets which keep the profile down but boost performance greatly allowing these speakers to shine over engine and road noise. The tweeter design features integrated wive guide for improved low and mid range output. These speakers are IP66 weather proof meaning they will not be damaged in the rain. 


The amplifier mounting brackets were designed to work perfectly with Memphis powersports amplifiers. They provide a secuure mounting location for your amplifier without any customization required. These brackets mount to factory bolt locations eliminating the need to drill or cut your Harley to create a secure mounting location for your audio equipment. 

custom grills

Three grill styles are included which are designed to fit directly into the factory locations for a clean finished look for your bike. The 3 grill styles included are for Road Glide, Street Glide, and Tour Pak locations. 

powerful sealed amplifierS

The MXA300.4 amplifier included in your Harley Davidson Motorcycle speaker kit is a high powered compact amplifier developed specifically for the powersports industry. These amplifiers feature sealed controls and conformal coated boards allowing them to withstand the elements. These amlifiers mount directly to the bracket in our MXA14HDKIT to create a secure mounting location inside your motorcycle. 

everything you need to upgrade

Memphis Direct Fit OEM Harley Davidson Kits include everything you need to upgrade your motorcycle audio. All wire harnesses are included with both PRO2 and PRO4 kits allowing you to get the job done right. The wire harnesses included in the kits plug directly into your factory system and flatten the factory EQ eliminating the need to flash the factory radio prior to installation. This system is as plug-and-play as you can get.

OEM Direct Fit Harley Davidson Bag Lid Audio Systems

Take your Harley Davidson audio experience to new heights with Memphis Direct Fit Bag Lids. Engineered to seamlessly fit into factory bags on most 2014 and newer models (refer to fitment guide), these speakers are a perfect match for your ride. Built to withstand the elements, they deliver powerful and captivating sound that effortlessly stands out even at highway speeds. The innovative dual tweeter bridge ensures a fully sealed midrange while allowing you to customize the tweeter orientation for optimal listener enjoyment. Prepare to be mesmerized by the fully sealed RGB LED illuminated cones, casting light show that adds an extra touch of flair to your bike. This kit is expertly designed to be paired with MXAHDPRO2 or MXAHDPRO4 systems, guaranteeing an unbeatable audio upgrade.

Harley Bag Lid Solutions

Watch Sarge unbox and install a Memphis Harley Davidson bag lid upgrade kit and learn more about why these kits are the ultimate solution for your Street Glide or Road Glide.