Memphis ATAC™ is a bold new innovative approach to tower speaker design. This groundbreaking tweeter array design offers a fully sealed tower speaker making it the most durable tower speaker on the market as well as massive improvements in terms of output and soundquality versus conventional compression horn tower speaker designs.


Standard compression horn tower speakers have a horn in the center of the woofer resulting in a less efficient performance. The decrease in efficiency is due to the gasket used to seal the gap between the woofer and the horn. This gasket adds weight to the center of the cone negatively impacting the cones performance. The gap in the center of the woofer also reduces effective surface area which means the woofer moves less air, less air means less output. By using the bridged tweeter array, Memphis has freed up significant surface area on the cone and reduced a great deal of weight from the center resulting in a significant boost in SPL.

improved durability

A key benefit of removing the horn from the center of the speaker is a huge improvement in durability versus standard compression horn towers. The absence of a center mounted compression horn allows for a completely sealed tower speaker leaving nowhere for water to enter the speaker. This is particularly beneficial in salt water and marine applications which can quickly degrade a traditional tower speaker.


Memphis 10” tower speakers are equipped with 4 tweeters while the 8” towers have 3 tweeters. The individual tweeters produce a less erratic frequency response than traditional compression drivers which allows Memphis ATAC™ to provide more output and a balanced frequency response. In short, this means that the array design produces a better sound with more output. The curved nature of the tweeter array broadens the angle of dispersion leaving you with a better sounding experience from any angle behind your boat.

more leds, more fun

Both the woofer and the tweeters in the array feature RGB LED lighting resulting in a vibrant lightshow that looks amazing at night. Memphis also added an integrated RGB LED ring around the side of the can itself as well as a rear RGB LED ring making this speaker shine from all angles. The backside of the tower speakers features a large RGB LED Memphis badge emblazoned on the back. Both the rear logo and the front grill can be rotated easily to accommodate any mounting angle of the speaker for an ultra-clean symmetrical look.


Unleash the power of MOJO PRO amplifiers to tackle your next pro audio project!  MOJO Pro amplifiers are a new line of impressive pro audio style amplifiers set to be released in early 2023. These powerful Pro Audio models will be available in 3 mono versions: MJP1000.1, MJP1500.1 & MJP3000.1 as well as a powerful 800 Watt 4-channel model (MJP800.4). All MOJO Pro amplifiers are designed with an extruded aluminum chassis with exposed aluminum accents and a vibrant orange accent strip which is befitting of anything bearing the MOJO name. The mono amplifiers are strapable allowing users to combine amplifiers to churn out absurd amounts of power to drive any pro audio system to the limits. MOJO PRO amplifiers were designed to power multiple speaker pro audio systems and push them to the limits. 

2020 & Newer RZR PRO KITS

The Ultimate 2020+ RZR PRO Direct Fit OEM Kit is here. These kits were designed to flawlessly integrate with RZR Pro machines. Each kit contains an SMC3 full color display source unit, dual direct fit OEM front speaker pods, rear MXA62PS powersports speakers as well as an optional RZRPRO10SE powered dash mounted RGB LED subwoofer with all the wiring and bracketry needed in one plug and play package.

2014+ Harley Davidson Hardshell 6x9" LIds

 The new MX14HDLIDKIT is a complete 6×9” bag lid audio solution designed for 2014 and newer Harley Davidson hard-shell bags. These kits include everything you need to add impressive audio to your hard-shell bags. The dual 6×9” speakers were engineered for maximum output to bring plenty of mid bass to your machine. Memphis added a unique tweeter bridge design to accommodate 2 high-output tweeters to cut through the engine and road noise for an epic sounding speaker even at highway speeds. In addition to amazing sound, these lids really pop thanks to the integrated backlit RGB LED fully sealed translucent cone which will make any bike shine. Each kit includes stylish painted grills which look factory fresh on any set of Harley Davidson hard shell bags. Harley bag lid kits were designed to plug directly into Memphis HD PRO kits to add 6×9″ speakers to any Memphis HD PRO system.

dual 10" with dual tweeter pro audio enclosure

This 500/1000 Watt enclosure features Memphis Audio’s brand new SR Pro 10” mids paired with dual SR Pro horn tweeters making it one of the loudest pro audio boxes available. The SRXPE10D4F showcases a stunning display of RGB LED lights which include a center illuminated dust cap and rear mounted ring lights on the mids and fully translucent illuminating tweeters creating an awesome lightshow. A handle is incorporated into the body of the box to allow for easy transportation in and outside of vehicles making this an awesome accessory for anyone wanting the ability to fill a space with an absurd amount of sound.

Memphis flow personal speaker for anywhere

The Memphis Flow, a true wireless personal Bluetooth speaker from Memphis Audio is set to drop in 2023. This stylish Bluetooth speaker will be available in a rich black and a vibrant blue color scheme. The unit features brilliant accent lighting and ultra-cool white strobe light speakers which dances with the music. The Memphis Flow achieves maximum output from a small Bluetooth speaker by relying on a powerful set of speakers backed by dual passive radiators for enhanced mid bass. MLINK™ technology allows 2 Flows to be paired together for simultaneous Bluetooth streaming. This IPX6 water resistant speaker is constructed from rugged materials making it ideal for the beach, pool or any other outdoor outing.

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Polaris RZR PRO 2020 & Newer PAK4P Amplified 4 Speaker W/ Subwoofer System
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Polaris RZR PRO 2020  & Newer w/ Ride Command PAK4P Amplified 4 Speaker W/ Subwoofer...
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Polaris RZR PRO 2020 & Newer PAK4 Amplified 4 Speaker System
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Polaris RZR 2014 & Newer Front Pods (pair)
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Polaris RZR 2014 & Newer OEM Powered Subwoofer





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In this episode of check it out, we’ve teamed up with Nick LoMonaco from SiXFINE Series’ Audio; alind groundbreaking audio brand created by Memphis Audio, an industry leader since 1965.
Nick will be Your guide as the takes you on a outney) through the full range of SIXFIVE Series Audio products. From speakers to subwoofers, he’ll showcase the cutting-edge features and benefits that make these audio solutions a game-changer for installers like you. Plus, he introduces some very cool new outdoor solutions that you won’t want to miss!
Nick’s expertise and passion for audio innovation shine through as he demonstrates the user-friendly
Turbo Mount technology, ensuring hassle-freeinstallation.

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If you are going to be out at @sandsportssupershow make sure to stop by booth #9401 with at @thumperfab and check out some of the latest and greatest from your favorite Memphis products. ...

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If your headed out to the Sand Sport Super Show Sept 15th
thru the 17th, be sure to stop by booth #9401 and check out the latest and greatest in audio products from Memphis Audio and killer accessories from Thumper Fab for your SXS!

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We are excited to announce we have signed on as a sponsor for @utvoffroadadventures night races for 2023-2024. Make sure to check out @utvoffroadadventures for race dates and locations of events.

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😍 Check out these Memphis M7 12” subs. @overkillaudio did this awesome install in a 2007 Chevy Tahoe. This set up is powered with out PR series Amplifiers.

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Check out the Memphis MB subs getting down in @joshua_mcclinton_3680 truck.

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This custom install by @florida_boy_customs is 🔥🔥🔥. Check out those 8” Mojo minis and that custom enclosure for under the rear seat.

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