The VIV Subwoofer is the flagship of the Memphis Audio subwoofer lineup. and is a one of a kind subwoofer that features unprecedented sound quality that delivers on all counts.  It’s massive 7.5” dual layer voice coil allows for linearity unmatched in a sub of this size and power handling. If SQ in your car is the objective, this is the sub for you. You can power this sub with as little as a 1000-watt amp and get incredible output and sound quality, or pair it with our VIV2200.1V2, specifically designed to get the most out of this massive sub. 


Traditional pole venting is an inefficient way to cool a subwoofer. Our DVVC technology rapidly cools the subwoofer by positioning the venting directly below the coil. The heat trapped inside the subwoofer is instantly exhausted through the vent holes with every movement of the cone. This proven technology reduces cooling time and allows your woofer to play louder, longer and handle more power.


More surface area means better cooling, resulting in an increased ability to handle massive amounts of power. High power handling is created by magnet gap combined with the proper number of windings on the coil. The larger diameter voice coil allows for the correct amount of windings to be arranged in only 2 layers versus 4 layers. Dual layer voice coils cool more efficiently than four layer coils and have lower inductance resulting in a flatter frequency response and more output. VIV1422 is capable of producing near flat frequency response through 500Hz which is unheard of from other subwoofers in it’s class.

V-Groove Folded Surround

In order to move massive amounts of air, you need a woofer capable of extreme excursion with a large surface area. High roll surrounds are great for excursion but they reduce the effective surface area of the subwoofer. Our folded V-Groove surround eliminates this trade off by maximizing the available surface area of the woofer while still allowing for extreme excursion while playing at high power. This technology has proven to be so effective that we’ve added it to all of our high end subwoofers. 


When you’re dealing with a high performance subwoofer like VIV, only a specifically tuned enclosure will do. Given the unique 14″ size of this sub, Memphis has developed an enclosure tuned specifically to the T/S parameters of the subwoofer. This set up allows you to milk every ounce of performance from the VIV1422 without the need to build a custom enclosure. The stylish brushed front panel matches the VIV family of amplifiers for a slick looking high performance set up. 

A perfect pairing

VIV 14″ Subwoofers boast a 2200 Watt RMS power rating. Give this phenomenal subwoofer the clean power it deserves by pairing it with a 2200 Watt VIV2200.1V2 amplifier. This subwoofer was designed specifically to be powered by this impressive DSP controlled amplifier. 

14" VIV Sub DVC 2Ω





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In this episode of check it out, we’ve teamed up with Nick LoMonaco from SiXFINE Series’ Audio; alind groundbreaking audio brand created by Memphis Audio, an industry leader since 1965.
Nick will be Your guide as the takes you on a outney) through the full range of SIXFIVE Series Audio products. From speakers to subwoofers, he’ll showcase the cutting-edge features and benefits that make these audio solutions a game-changer for installers like you. Plus, he introduces some very cool new outdoor solutions that you won’t want to miss!
Nick’s expertise and passion for audio innovation shine through as he demonstrates the user-friendly
Turbo Mount technology, ensuring hassle-freeinstallation.

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If you are going to be out at @sandsportssupershow make sure to stop by booth #9401 with at @thumperfab and check out some of the latest and greatest from your favorite Memphis products. ...

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If your headed out to the Sand Sport Super Show Sept 15th
thru the 17th, be sure to stop by booth #9401 and check out the latest and greatest in audio products from Memphis Audio and killer accessories from Thumper Fab for your SXS!

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We are excited to announce we have signed on as a sponsor for @utvoffroadadventures night races for 2023-2024. Make sure to check out @utvoffroadadventures for race dates and locations of events.

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Check out this side by side that @thumperfab loaded up with our equipment 😍 ...

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😍 Check out these Memphis M7 12” subs. @overkillaudio did this awesome install in a 2007 Chevy Tahoe. This set up is powered with out PR series Amplifiers.

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Check out the Memphis MB subs getting down in @joshua_mcclinton_3680 truck.

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This custom install by @florida_boy_customs is 🔥🔥🔥. Check out those 8” Mojo minis and that custom enclosure for under the rear seat.

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