Memphis Audio uses only the best possible true standard AWG wire.  Proper conductivity is crucial in an audio system.  We only use pure oxygen free copper wire. Copper provides the maximum conductivity for your system, don't be fooled by imposters using copper clad aluminum wire, all wire is not made equal, copper is king.  To maximize the Performance of your audio system, choose Memphis connection every time.
Copper is king when it comes to conductivity and audio wiring.  We pride ourselves on using 100% oxygen free copper.  This wire is a bit more expensive but it is capable of delivering more power to your amplifier meaning you can play louder for longer periods of time.  Under powering is the primary cause for amp failure so be sure to use the proper connection for the job and never starve your system of the power it needs to perform.
Traditional oxygen free bare copper wire is typically the first choice for professional car audio installers. Copper is naturally resistant to corrosion but by coating the copper in a metal alloy like tin, the copper's natural corrosion resistance is increased  allowing it to perform exceptionally well in humid, wet and high temperature environments.  Certain situations call for the use of tinned copper wire including off road vehicles, boats and powersports applications.  Choosing the proper Memphis Connection wire is the key to a long lasting, well performing installation.