Street Reference SubwoofersStreet Reference Subwoofers
Sound that's bigger than your wallet.
Power Reference SubwoofersPower Reference Subwoofers
Our #1 selling subwoofer.
MClass SubwoofersMClass Subwoofers
Our most versatile subwoofer ever.
Bass Reference SubwoofersBass Reference Subwoofers
These new subs are designed for high output in ported enclosures.
M5 SubwoofersM5 Subwoofers
Great combination of low bass and high output.
MOJO5 SubwoofersMOJO5 Subwoofers
The MOJO5 steps up the game.
MOJOX SubwoofersMOJOX Subwoofers
The baddest Memphis sub out there!
MXA SubwoofersMXA Subwoofers
Rich, accurate bass while remaining flexible enough to work in a variety of enclosures.
Special Application SubwoofersSpecial Application Subwoofers
Slim sub. Fat sound.