Bring your music wherever you go.

Part Number: MXA1MC
  • Rotary volume control
  • AM/FM multi-region tuner
  • Bluetooth audio streaming with easy pair
  • Rear USB for thumb drive/memory stick playback
  • Rear AUX input
  • 2 pair pre-amp output
  • EEPROM virtual memory
  • 50 watts x 4-Channel

Memphis Xtreme Audio was engineered to take on the most extreme environments. Whether you need to kick sound from a wake tower or want to keep the party going at the dunes, Memphis Xtreme Audio products are designed to withstand whatever you throw at them and turn heads in the process.

Memphis Audio Harley
By: Chris Palsmeier  |  On: 8/13/2017 10:44:48 PM

I have a complete Memphis system on my 2000 Road King. I am running 4 6X9 Speakers with the MXA4480 4 channel amp and the MAX1MC is controlling the entire system. I have won several different stereo competitions with my bike, but. I just got done riding it to Sturgis this last week. That was 1433 miles up and back. During our ride we encountered lots and lots of heavy rain! My buddies aftermarket Kenwood radio did not survive the wet conditions. My Memphis system played the entire time during my ride and never let me down. My music is what kept my mind on other things during that nasty ride in the down pour. During the week we rode in wet conditions again and one day got caught in a some rain that was so bad we should have pulled off. There was even hail!!! My Memphis system kept working and is still working just as the day I installed it. Memphis marine audio is the only thing to run on a bike if you want it to work all the time.

Gauge style blue tooth receiver
By: Kurt Taylor  |  On: 6/22/2016 1:01:16 AM

Just install the new gauge style receiver and live it put it in my 1949 Willys cj3a also have Memphis in my 77 chev trk live the sound. I am a installer at local sterile shop !! Pick Memphis over the rest

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MXA1MC Instruction Manual
MXA1MC Instruction Manual

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MXA1MC Cutout Template
MXA1MC Cutout Template

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