Dual 12" Ported Bass System

Part Number: SRX212
  • Woven tinsel leads
  • 2" diameter heat treated aluminum VC
  • 4 layer copper voice coil
  • Slot port vented enclosure
  • Includes 16-SRX250.1 amplifier

Made for people who recognize value when they see it, the all new bass packages represent the biggest bang for not a lot of bucks.

General Specifications
Description Dual 12" Ported Bass System
Maximum Peak Power (Watts) 1000
Recommended RMS Power (Watts) 500
Physical Specifications
Dimensions (in) 31.75 x 15 x 15.75
Size (in) 12
Completely Amazed
By: Adam Goodale  |  On: 1/27/2017 10:03:33 PM

First of all I'm just a junior high school student trying to make my aftermarket radio and speakers hit all colors of the rainbow. By that I mean I wanted something sweet in the bass end but nothing competition. I don't see any videos of these subs on the Internet so I was really worrying but it is absolutely worth it. Insane bass as long as its hooked up properly. My head hurts when I play at near max volume on the subs (remote bass knob turned 3/4 way up). Long story short, I definitely reccomended these to anyone who doesn't have subs or want a great cheap kit. I can say this. Everyone, even car audio freaks like myself and friends, have been really impressed with this setup. I have the best subs in the whole school now :)

Love memphis
By: Brandon  |  On: 8/30/2016 8:39:21 PM

I've tried many brands and most are great if you have the cold hard cash. But memphis is now my go to. This pack is really cheap and very great quality for only $300 bucks. You can't get any better than memphis!

Great package of box,2 12's,and 500 mono block amp for your money!!!!
By: Dowboy40  |  On: 10/15/2015

What an awesome package of amp, speakers in a customer designed box that is made perfectly for an all in one pick for your money and not having to buy everything separately and having to spend more money than you need to. Easy to install and tune.

By: justin  |  On: 8/6/2015

These are great. They hit hard and are loud and very cheap. Great quality!

By: Brady  |  On: 5/11/2015

if you are looking for some subs for cheap, this is the way to go! they are loud for $300!

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SRX Subwoofer Review

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