1400 Watt, 5-Channel Amplifier

Part Number: MJ5.1400
  • Bolt on aluminum trim panels
  • Hidden top mounted controls
  • On-board AFS fusing
  • Bridged pair capability (mono blocks only - requires 2nd matching amp)
  • Logo badge rotates to preferred display
Vehicle charging system upgrades are mandatory when using these amplifiers.

For the most discerning audiophiles, MClass is the best of the best. We use our highest quality parts for crystal clear sound to bring out the most in your music. MClass products offer an industry leading warranty when installed by an authorized Memphis Car Audio dealer.


Totally redesigned, the all new MClass line of amplifiers debut a completely new list of features and capailities. Together with the Big-Power MOJO subwoofers, the MClass is the ultimate in performance to give the most RESPECT to your music!

MDAC Feature

Memphis Distortion Analysis Control gives the installer a visual indication of clipping on the amplifier, enabling more accurate setting of the optimum sensitivity level for the best sound quality and maximum performance.

MTLC Feature

Memphis Total Level Control allows the user to adjust the final output of the amplifier without altering the installer''s crucial original sensitivity settings.

MRCS Feature

Memphis Rapid Crossover System 24dB/Octave crossover slopes get to the desired crossover point quickly and accurately for better sound quality.

MBIG Feature

Memphis Bass Intensity Generator increases the intensity of the amplifier''s low frequency output - centered at 45Hz.

Top ten reasons to buy an MClass amp

  1. Exclusive MDAC helps set the gain accurately for no clipping.
  2. Exclusive MTLC makes it easy to turn down the bass if your girlfriend''s mom complains.
  3. Exclusive MRCS gives the most accurate crossover of any amp in its class.
  4. Exclusive MBIG lets you dial in more bass intensity.
  5. Hidden top mount controls keeps pesky hands off the settings.
  6. Rotating M badge so you can represent Memphis no matter where your amp is mounted.
  7. Massive aluminum chassis for continued pounding without thermal shutdown.
  8. Bolt on trim panels to hide the wiring and make a sleek installation in your ride.
  9. Exclusive on board AFS fusing for maximum current capability.
  10. Up to a 3 year warranty when installed by an authorized Memphis dealer.
General Specifications
Bridged Mono Power 4Ω (Watts) 230x2 + NA
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz
RMS 1Ω (Watts) N/A +1100x1
RMS 2Ω (Watts) 115x4 + 550x1
RMS 4Ω (Watts) 75x4 + 320x1
THD % (4Ω) <.05 / .03
Physical Specifications
Dimensions (in) 22.6 x 9 x 2.56
Other Specifications
Recommended Amp Kit 17-0GKIT
All the amp you need
By: Patrick  |  On: 12/6/2015

I have this amp running 2 sets of Memphis mclass 6.5 components and 2 JL 10w3v3s in my Silverado. The sound quality is amazing and LOUD!!!! Having 2 amps in one makes things easy. Best amp I've ever owned hands down.

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16-MJ5.1400 Manual
16-MJ5.1400 Manual

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